Long Island Yoga Edna Gruvman

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Hands on knees in a mindful yoga position


Edna, I have to tell you your class worked miracles for me. I was having such back issues and at the end of the day I felt great. My pains went away. (Maybe it was all the twisting- something made me better) Also I had such a stressful work day and I was able to keep things more in perspective. I told my husband that the class did so much for me I would love to go once a week. He said I should expense it to the company I work for because the class helped me be a more productive and calmer person- he is funny. Anyway, loved the intermediate class. I cannot even begin to communicate the wonderful benefits I feel from it. Thank you and I hope to work my schedule so I can come more regularly. I feel great!!!

— Louise

All I can say is WOW. When I first started going to Edna's class I was very skeptical. I was thinking "my body doesn't bend like a pretzel", After the first class I knew Edna was different. She makes sure that every pose is right. Whether it's a hand, a finger, or a toe out of place, I've taken yoga classes at a gym and I've always felt out of place or I was in pain. With Edna, if you have any problem areas, (like I do with my knees) she adjusts the exercise just for your body. I have been attending Edna's class now for two years and I plan on continuing. I love the way she makes me and my body feel and I couldn't ask for a better teacher.

— Dawn

I stopped practicing yoga for a year because I didn't seem to have time for it. Working at a computer all day, running a few times a week, and moving into a new house took a toll on my back and neck. My chiropractor helped somewhat, but the problems always returned after a few days. So I resumed practicing yoga, this time with Edna. Although I manage just one yoga class per week, I found that my back and neck stay fine, and it has been 7 weeks now. Edna is friendly, positive and easy-going. But what is most important to me is that she really knows her yoga. I feel great after every class. Namaste Edna!

— Gail

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